Welcome to our new Brand Strategist

We are thrilled to have Valerie as a great addition to our growing team!

Hi, I am Valerie. Brand strategist at Das Buro.

I’ve worked at different creative agencies. Believing brands are able to inspire people is what these agencies have in common. Yes, brands are like people, and we can help to keep or get them on track.

As a managing director at Buutvrij I’ve worked closely with various kind and smart brand managers, CMO’s and founders building their brands. In my new role as brand strategist, I will use the strategic knowledge of those collaborations and partnerships.

I have a nine-month-old son so at home, I let go of all my strategic thinking and just go with the flow. Like in the mountains, that’s where I’m at my best, preferably on skis.

I’m excited to be part of this awesome team, that believes building a brand is more than just making the logo bigger. It’s all about brand strategy, brand identity and brand management. We create with positive energy.

Looking forward seeing you at the Witte de With for a strategic conversation (or a drink :)).

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