Pascal is our new designer

We started the year off right with a new designer on our team. We are happy to introduce you to Pascal!

“After working as a freelancer for a while and spending a few years at TOPdesk as an all-round designer in the international marketing and recruitment marketing department, I slowly felt the need to join a smaller-scale agency that focuses more on the branding and the feeling of its clients.

Not just a ‘standard’ branding agency, but an agency with culture and character. It took a while before I found something that clicked. In the end, I chose Das Buro. So far, it has been a perfect choice for me!

As I mentioned, I am an all-around designer and try to keep up in every field. Although my roots lie in print, I am also very busy with web and motion design. The cool thing is that my colleagues also have this drive. People around me sometimes describe me as a modern-day nerd. Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and quite a few board games are not unknown to me.

I’m looking forward to working on cool projects. I want to get to know myself as a designer and continue improving my skills :).”

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