Mezz Concerts & Dance

Mezz is a concert venue in Breda. Everyone who works there loves their job and loves and lives for music. Unfortunately (fortunately for us) this energy, innovative spirit and talent for discovering new talent didn’t come across in their communication.

Mezz asked for our assistance, to determine a new position in the market, to co-create a new brand strategy and to redesign their visual identity. We’re now smack-bang in the middle of activating and rebranding Mezz. Two things are already clear. The energy is back. And so is the audience.

Client Mezz

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand strategy

Mezz is on a mission. To seek out fresh new talent, so you can say: “I saw them at Mezz before they were famous.” Trying to find the new “Oscar and the Wolf” comes with some risk. There will be less talented (terrible) discoveries on the way. Not everything will be perfect. Not every show will be flawless. But there’s always the chance that you will discover your new favourite artist. At Mezz. That attitude, that energy of innovation and experimentation defines Mezz. It’s captured in their brand core: “Let’s Mezz things up”.

Brand Identity

We captured the spirit of Mezz by combining the feeling of a local neighbourhood basement-stage, while still looking like a professional music venue. Mixing found footage, hand-drawn illustrations and a limited colour palette to create a recognizable, creative and user friendly visual identity. Of course we think we did a great job, but don’t take our word for it. We received two international design awards for this rebranding (Red Dot Award, European Design Award).

Brand Activation

The rebranding and repositioning of Mezz has not gone unnoticed. The outdoor campaigns, indoor signage (with mesmerizing projections, thanks to Jamie) and new website have got the whole of Breda “Mezzed up”.

Most importantly, the brand was embedded in the organization. We did internal feedback sessions, and presentations to make sure there was a thorough understanding within every layer of the organization WHY this rebranding was needed and what it could bring for all. This was emphasized by the introduction of brand-boxes (with brand posters, stickers & badges, t-shirts, ear-plugs, etc) to all employees and volunteers.

Das Buro - rock n roll ja - heeft ons in een spannend traject binnenstebuiten gekeerd en onze innerlijke toon vertaald in beeld, woord en gebaar.

Frank van Iersel - directeur Mezz