Luxor Theater Rotterdam

Luxor Theater Rotterdam is one of the largest theaters in The Netherlands. Not only that, they have two buildings in one city. Combined they have over 2400 seats to enjoy music, comedy, dance, plays and musicals. Luxor asked us to turn their theater into a brand. A role that fits us perfectly.

Client Luxor Theater Rotterdam

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy

Luxor Theater consists of two large theaters in the middle of the city. Both theaters have their unique look and identity but basically serve a common goal; To entertain the people of Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. After almost 15 years the identity originally created for the New Luxor Theater was in need of a face-lift. We stayed true to the original ideas but made it a little less complicated (and useable for both theaters) and created a leading role for the letter X.

Strategic sessions resulted in two important brandvalues for this company. ‘Typically Rotterdam’ and ‘Leading in hospitality’. And we wanted to embed these into the company with a symbol. So we gave the X a leading role in the entire brand strategy. Where the X represents the X-factor. Something extraordinary, something special. It’s the difference between going to see ‘A show’ to going to see ‘A show in Luxor’. And it defines the brand experiences for employees, partners, artists and the public.

Brand Identity

Because Luxor is so closely connected to Rotterdam (both by values as well as target audience) we wanted a visual- and verbal identity that would match the personality of the city. Rotterdam is bold, straightforward, rough and loud. We wanted this to show though in the visual elements. We started with a strong simple color scheme, red being the dominant color as a link to traditional red velvet theaters. The use of typography is a reminder of old fashioned broadway signing. As are the dotted lines. The closer you get to the actual theater, the more dominant the visual identity becomes. But part of the brand is alway there, from loud and a little in your face in the corporate communication (and the interior of the theaters) to a subtle touch of brand in promoting events, shows and artists.

Brand Activation

To activate the brand we emphasized on building a thorough understanding of the why and the need for an aligned brand story and identity internally. After everyone was on the same page the brand kind of activated itself. Employees, artists, partners and customers were all influenced by each other and strengthened the values of ‘hospitality’ and ‘typically Rotterdam’. The visual- and verbal identity amplified these values and made all brand experiences recognizable and interconnected. Luxor developed their own ‘typically Rotterdam’ productions like ‘De Oase bar’ and ‘De Marathon’. Luxor employees are even rated according to the X-factor in their yearly review. And they write down every X-factor moment after each show. We’ve been by their side as a strategic and creative partner creating campaigns, events and all sorts of marketing and communication items.

Student intro campaign
Students always get a 50% last minute discount for most shows in Luxor. To create awareness and collect e-mail addresses we developed an activation during the first week of college in Rotterdam. With a promotional team, a funny theatre car and different give-aways we got hundreds of students on the new mailing list.

Musicals aan de Maas
How to develop a corporate campaign for the large amount of musicals during season 18-19? We created the Musicals aan de Maas Karaokebox in the entrance hall of the nieuwe Luxor Theater. The dozens of performances each night are recorded and immediately send to the new born artists to create online presence. Luxor selects the craziest en most beautiful performances as content on their social channels.