Rotterdam is an energetic and lively city that offers a lot of excitement and adventure. When people come together, there is a special kind of energy that fills the air, creating a unique rhythm of its own. This is when the city truly comes to life. Rotterdam Festivals is a one-of-a-kind organization that works towards funding, developing, and promoting cultural events that are in line with the city’s DNA. They collaborate with creative individuals and organizations in and around the city to create events and experiences that are inclusive for everyone – both locals and visitors alike. No one is left behind!

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Breathe life into the city

Rotterdam Festivals supports, collaborates with, and inspires museums, theaters, festival organizers, and other cultural partners in Rotterdam. They provide funding, knowledge, and ideas for cultural events. Rotterdam Festivals also conducts research to back their initiatives.

Their second brand, Uitagenda, targets people who live in or visit Rotterdam. Uitagenda provides information and inspiration on festivals, cultural activities, parties, and more. We were tasked to rebuild Rotterdam Festivals’ brand architecture, reposition the brands, define their brand DNA, and create new visual identities for both brands.

Energetic and committed

The visual identity of the city is characterized by bold and vibrant shapes inspired by the city’s spaces. The vibrant colors used in the design aim to reflect the city’s energy and liveliness. The design is outspoken, colorful, and clashing. The handwritten logo, which resembles a signature, represents the commitment of Rotterdam Festivals as a curator of the city. When it comes to photography, the focus is on the audience, with raw imagery showcasing real people having authentic experiences.

“Wij ervaren het inlevingsvermogen van Das Buro in ons als klant als groot en fijn. Hierdoor komen we echt in co-creatie met elkaar tot een prachtig resultaat”.
Marly Oosterwijk, Manager Marketing & Communicatie
Internal energy

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