The rhythm of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a vibrant city full of adventure, ideas, and energy. When people come together, you can feel that energy, the rhythm. That’s when the city comes to life. Rotterdam Festivals is a unique organization responsible for funding, developing, and promoting cultural manifestations that fit the DNA of our city. Together with creative people and organizations in and around the city. For all citizens and visitors of Rotterdam. All included. None left behind.

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Breathe life into the city

Rotterdam Festivals helps, collaborates, and inspires musea, theaters, festival-makers, and other cultural partners in Rotterdam. They provide knowledge, funding, and ideas. And back it with research.

Uitagenda is their second brand. It targets all people who live in or visit Rotterdam. Uitagenda is the brand that provides information and inspiration regarding festivals, cultural activities, parties, etc. We were asked to rebuild Rotterdam Festivals’ brand architecture, reposition the brands, define their brand DNA and create new visual identities for both.

Energetic and committed

The visual identity is bold and vibrant, with shapes based on the city’s spaces and vibrant colors to emphasize the city’s energy. They are outspoken, colorful, and clashing. The handwritten logo, resembling a signature, refers to the commitment of Rotterdam Festivals as a curator of the city. Photography focuses on the audience—raw imagery with real people having real experiences.

Internal energy

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