Moove, data-driven empathy.

Moove is an international telematics company. They provide digital tools and services to fleet managers to monitor and manage their fleets of light commercial vehicles. From tracking locations, planning optimal routes, checking trucks’ temperatures, and scheduling maintenance. Some of their customers include JUMBO, Coolblue, and Hello Fresh. That may sound a bit technical, but actually, Moove is all about people.

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Driven by data

The people at Moove are determined to help (fleet)managers improve their services’ efficiency, sustainability, and costs. But more importantly, to enhance the well-being, happiness, and safety of the people that deliver the service. Without being distracted by or occupied with recurring, operational tasks that do not need human intervention.

Moove is a fast-growing startup, part of AutoBinck Group. To prepare for the future and take on the international competition Moove needs a strong brand positioning with a distinct identity.

Moved by people

Why was the driver speeding? Was it due to a broken speedometer or an insane request from the planning department? Moove is here to make things smoother. For everyone involved. Managers and drivers. Moove makes data less abstract. It translates numbers into stories. That is the heart of their brand DNA.

Data has a face

We included an emotional layer to the visual identity by litteraly giving a face to data. ‘Bricks’ are representing the modularity of Moove’s ever-expanding ecosystem, and the blue ones are metaphorically ‘Moove’ reacting to situations.
The modern font and redesigned their logo fits their DNA. The bright colors, logo, data visualisation and character bricks are part of Moove’s distinctive brand assets.

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