Data-driven empathy

Moove is a global telematics company that offers digital tools and services to fleet managers to help them monitor and manage their fleets of light commercial vehicles. Their services range from tracking locations, planning optimal routes, checking truck temperatures, and scheduling maintenance. Some of their clients include JUMBO, Coolblue, and Hello Fresh. Though it may sound technical, Moove’s primary focus is on people.

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Driven by data

The team at Moove is dedicated to helping fleet managers enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of their services. Their ultimate goal is to improve the well-being, happiness, and safety of the people who use these services. To achieve this, they aim to eliminate the need for human intervention in repetitive operational tasks. Moove is a rapidly growing startup that is part of the AutoBinck Group. To stay ahead of international competitors and prepare for the future, Moove needs to establish a strong brand identity and positioning.

Moved by people

Why was the driver speeding? Was it because of a broken speedometer or an unreasonable request from the planning department? Moove is here to make things smoother for everyone involved, including managers and drivers. Moove translates data into compelling stories that are at the heart of their brand DNA, making the numbers less abstract.

Data has a face

We added an emotional layer to Moove’s visual identity by literally giving a face to data. The “bricks” in the design represent the modularity of Moove’s ever-expanding ecosystem, with the blue ones symbolizing Moove’s reaction to situations. The modern font and redesigned logo reflect Moove’s DNA. The bright colors, logo, data visualization, and character bricks are all integral parts of Moove’s distinctive brand assets.

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