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The Mondriaan Fund finances and organizes a range of talent awards and represents the visual arts at the annual exhibition Prospects for starting artists. Additionally, it organizes the Dutch entry to the Venice Art Biennale. We have created various sub-identities linked to the basic distinctive brand assets, including the arch, color, and typography. While the color is a constantly changing element, the arches and typography remain consistent.

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Prix de Rome

The Prix de Rome is a well-respected award for talented visual artists from the Netherlands. The Mondriaan Fund has been organizing and financing the award since 2012, but it has roots dating back to the 1800s. Our concept honors tradition by integrating each new winner into a broader narrative that echoes the prestige of this art prize. We draw inspiration from this historical continuum and ensure that every edition’s color scheme seamlessly connects to its predecessors.

Our design encompasses the entire artistic journey, from announcing the jury and open call to the deadline and the grand opening with the award ceremony. We have subtly incorporated elements from the older style, such as the X, which we have reinterpreted in a contemporary way. By weaving together the past and the present, we pay tribute to the heritage of previous winners. The result is a subtle yet meaningful evolution that ensures each new laureate becomes an essential part of our art prize’s ongoing legacy.


Prospects is a talent program offered by the Mondriaan Fund that supports young artists by providing them with an Artist Start grant. Every year, a group of talented young artists receives this grant and comes together to showcase their work in a large group exhibition during Art Rotterdam. The visual style of the exhibition aims to provide enough space for the artists’ work to shine, placing it at the forefront. Each edition of the exhibition features a new campaign image and a color that is integrated into the signage, website, and catalog booklet. The starting point of the exhibition’s style is being young and fresh, with a positive outlook on the future, as the talents are launched during the exhibition at Art Rotterdam.

Venice Art Biennale - Dutch entry

Mondriaan Fund is responsible for selecting and guiding the Dutch entry of the Venice Art Biennale. The Venice Biennale is an international cultural exhibition hosted annually in Venice, Italy. The biennale has been organized every year since 1895, which makes it the oldest of its kind. We created a distinctive and sustainable visual identity that will be used in the general communication for the Dutch Entry. The work or style of the artist is leading for the choice of colors. In 2022 melanie bonajo represented the Netherlands with her exposition: when the body says yes. Her bright and positive message was reflected in the design choices.


Kunstkoop is an art financing program offered by the Mondriaan Fund. The program is designed to make it easy and accessible for both new and experienced art buyers to purchase art during art fairs. Sold artworks are indicated by red dots, which have now become iconic of the Kunstkoop style. The program encourages the buying of art as a positive and festive event.

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