Mezz is a concert venue located in Breda. The staff members working at Mezz are passionate about their job, and they have a great love and appreciation for music. However, their communication strategy has failed to reflect their energy, innovation, and talent in discovering new artists. Consequently, fewer individuals have visited or considered Mezz as their go-to concert venue.

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Get Mezzy

The company had a decent level of brand awareness, but there was a significant difference when it came to the perception of the brand. Therefore, we initiated a creative and strategic process to identify the essence of the brand, its fundamentals, and its DNA. Our goal was to gain a deeper understanding of Mezz’s identity.

Mezz is on a mission to discover fresh new talent, so that you can proudly say to your friends: “I saw them at Mezz before they became famous.” The journey of finding the next big thing is not without risks. There will be less talented discoveries along the way, and not every show will be perfect. But there’s always a chance that you will discover your new favorite artist at Mezz. This attitude and energy of creation and discovery defines Mezz, which we’ve captured in their brand DNA: “Let’s Mezz things up.”

"Das Buro - rock 'n roll ja - heeft ons in een spannend traject binnenstebuiten gekeerd en onze innerlijke toon vertaald in beeld, woord en gebaar."
Frank van Iersel, directeur Mezz
Talk the talk

We were able to capture the essence of Mezz by creating a visual identity that combined the atmosphere of a local basement stage with the professionalism of a music venue. We achieved this by using a mix of found footage, hand-drawn illustrations, and a limited color palette. Our aim was to create a recognizable, creative, and user-friendly brand. We have been recognized for our work with several international design awards, including a Red Dot Award and a European Design Award. Our rebranding and repositioning efforts for Mezz have not gone unnoticed. Thanks to Jamie’s mesmerizing projections, the indoor signage has been a hit. The outdoor campaigns have also been effective, and our new website has gotten the whole of Breda ‘Mezzed Up’.

Shifting Identity

In the years after repositioning, we have made minor adjustments to Mezz’s identity, grids, and templates. We have tightened the rules for the design system slightly and provided more flexibility when it comes to color application. This helps to maintain a rock and roll vibe while ensuring a consistent look and feel. All our changes are documented in energetic brand guides that the internal marketing department uses to keep things fresh.

Internal Mezz

We made sure that the brand was deeply ingrained in our organization by conducting internal feedback sessions and presentations at every level. Our aim was to ensure that everyone understood why we needed to reposition the brand and what benefits it could bring to all. To emphasize the importance of each employee’s role, we distributed brand boxes containing a brand poster, stickers and badges, a t-shirt, and earplugs to all employees and volunteers. This was a part of a more comprehensive internal branding project, which is often overlooked but is an essential part of any rebranding, refreshing, or repositioning process.

Currently, we are still in the process of positioning the Mezz brand, but two things are already evident. First, the energy is back, and second, so is the audience.


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