Leyten is a real estate developer and investor who operates independently. Their primary focus is on developing urban areas and buildings while providing affordable rental housing and urban amenities. They do this while keeping sustainability in mind. Leyten has approached us seeking assistance with repositioning their brand and designing a new brand identity.

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Investing with style

Leyten invests in neighborhoods, businesses, and individuals, creating a sustainable future for every corner of the city. The company is deeply connected to the city and society, which is symbolized by the connection between the Y and T in its logo. Leyten moves in harmony with the city and its residents, and this is reflected in its style – an L-shaped foundation in a soft color palette.

"Nauwgezet, creatief en resultaatgericht: met Das Buro aan onze zijde hebben wij niet alleen onze projecten in de schijnwerpers gezet, maar ook onze visie tot leven gebracht."
Allard Leijten, directeur & eigenaar Leyten

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