The art of movement

The theater of Dordrecht has venues in the ‘Energiehuis’ and organizes festivals throughout the city, but it goes beyond the possibilities of its halls. Through collaborations with cultural institutions, they broaden their program by carefully listening to the voices of the city, its residents, and societal developments. Kunstmin provides an adventurous offering, a lively city, and a vital society, guided by an artistic vision, a social perspective on the world, and an inclusive attitude. Culture thrives here.

  • Client
  • Kunstmin, Schouwburg en Energiehuis
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  • Strategy development, Visual identity, Collateral Design

Kunstmin brings together a diverse range of talents, ideas, creators, residents and initiatives. It unites them into a cohesive whole, creating a connection between them. The performances are a part of the broader annual program, and the creators stand side by side. The theater serves as a central meeting place for everyone involved. This connection is visually represented by a ribbon that is woven through the logo. The descending ribbons on the posters place each performance in the context of the overall program. The block structure can be endlessly clicked together, symbolizing continuous connection. The corners of the blocks are a nod to the die-cut shapes of old theater tickets.

Kunstmin uses different communication layers which include corporate, rental, and performances. Each layer has its unique color palette that is fresh and distinctive. The color palette for the performances can change according to the atmosphere and character of the respective show, while the base tones remain consistent. A combination of light, vibrant, and contrasting colors is always utilized to showcase the diverse character of the theater.


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