Rebranding digital

Formerly known as Connect Holland. A digital agency founded in 1999 and grown from one entrepreneurial spirit to an intelligent and high-end team. Developers, designers and techies all with a drive to push the digital boundaries forward. With a common believe that digital enhances people’s lives. It transforms businesses in a more coherent way. Aligning data. Helping their clients to digitize more quickly and effectively.

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New space

Harborn takes its next step. They’re moving into a new office in the centre of Rotterdam. An office which feels like a campus (check it out). Not your average workplace. But a vibrant place designed to meet and work together. Rooms for workshops, a large meeting ground for informal meetings, sound absorbing rooms and a comfortable workspace. (designed by Origin Architects)


New name

The organization is always evolving and growing. The team has constantly been iterating, changing things, and re-imagining future possibilities. They’ve reïnvented themselves numerous times. Now it’s time to let the world know. Starting with a new name. A name that sounds very solid yet creative. Harborn – digital.


Shifting perspectives

The brand mark visualizes an ‘H’ in a flattened perspective. A simple mark that is distinctive and recognizable. Solid. A basic color palette with bright lime as its hero to guide your attention. A user-friendly flexible grid that can be filled with shapes or moving images. Images are shot from different perspectives and integrated into fluid transitions.


Driving digital forward

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