Previously known as Connect Holland, this digital agency was founded in 1999 by one entrepreneurial spirit. Over time, it has grown into an intelligent and high-end team consisting of developers, designers, and techies who are all driven to push digital boundaries forward. They share a common belief that digital technology enhances people’s lives and can transform businesses in a more coherent way. The team focuses on aligning data and helping their clients to digitize more quickly and effectively.

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New space

Harborn is taking its next step by moving into a new office located in the center of Rotterdam. The new office is designed to be more than just a workplace; it’s a campus that provides a vibrant environment for collaboration and social interaction. The office boasts several features such as workshops rooms, a large meeting area for informal gatherings, sound-absorbing rooms, and a comfortable workspace. The office is designed by Origin Architects. Check it out!

New name

The organization has been continually evolving and expanding. The team has consistently been iterating, making changes, and envisioning new possibilities. They have reinvented themselves several times and now want to make their new identity known to the world. They are starting with a new name that sounds solid and creative – Harborn Digital.

Shifting perspectives

The brand logo is designed to display an ‘H’ in a flattened perspective, creating a simple but recognizable mark. It is solid and uses a basic color palette, where bright lime is the primary color to grab your attention. The logo also uses a flexible user-friendly grid that can accommodate shapes or moving images. Furthermore, the images are captured from various perspectives and integrated into smooth transitions.

Driving digital forward

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