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Enterprise Car Rental is the largest car rental company in the world. With more than 10,000 rental locations and their excellent rental, leasing, and sharing products, they are the undisputed market leader in their category. However, in the Netherlands, Enterprise is still an unknown player. To gain market share in the Dutch market we developed and executed a short and long term growth strategy in collaboration with the Dutch Enterprise team.

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A lack of brand awareness

Our diagnosis began with in-depth market research, exploring brand awareness, funnel metrics, and associations for both Enterprise and its competitors. The findings highlighted a significant lack of awareness and a mix of positive and negative perceptions in the broader ‘car rental’ category. Conversations with existing Enterprise customers provided the rest of all necessary insights. Insights that were the basis of our strategic choices and SMART goals.

Combining long- and short term campaigns

Armed with this knowledge, we tweaked the international brand positioning to seamlessly align with the Dutch market. With four existing rental locations in the heart of Amsterdam, a regional focus was a natural choice. We crafted a multi-year brand plan, where enhancing brand awareness and brand positioning stood as the primary SMART objectives. Rooted in our belief in the synergy of short-term sales activations and long-term brand campaigns, we allocated the available budgets between these campaign types.”

Distinct, bold and clear messaging

With a clear awareness objective in mind, we crafted a multi-channel yearly plan combining outdoor and online presence. Divided into six campaign flights, we used simple and clear messages to connect the car rental category with the Enterprise brand and a limited set of brand assets.

Long lasting partnership

It’s not the first time we’ve turned Amsterdam green. Back in 2022, we also created a large outdoor campaign. We supported the narrative of Enterprise being a great substitute for owning a car in the crowded city center. Green trams, billboards, abri’s and ferries. The start of our long-term collaboration.

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