People of the buro

We’re a dedicated group of very curious people. Get to know us a bit more and explore.

Meet the guys and gals. A dedicated group of very curious people. Just pick one, send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

  • Jeroen de Jager

    Brand Strategist
  • Carole Peeters

    Senior Projectmanager
  • Leon Lenders

    Senior Designer
  • Hanneke Minten

    Lead Designer
  • Hans de Ruiter

    Brand Manager (owner)
  • dasburo

  • Valerie van den Huijsen

    Brand Strategist
  • Jasper Jongeling

    Senior Designer
  • Dennis van der Meule

    Brand Strategist (owner)
  • Elsa Borges Dias

  • Frank van Delft

  • Jochem Walboomers

  • Petra van Veen

  • dasburo

    Join us, we are nice!

Never lose your sense of wonder

We believe you can be your best when you feel at home. Where you can be yourself, make mistakes and trust your friends. We are one team of very distinct individuals. These are the houserules that bind us:

  • 1

    Question the norm.

    Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be.
  • 2

    Make others successful.

    We win this together.
  • 3

    Dare to be fearless.

    Vulnerability is a strength.
  • 4

    Enjoy life.

    Nothing is more important.

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