The Meervaart is a local theatre in Amsterdam-West, where new stories are shared by a culturally diverse audience. It’s the place where the audience, the makers and the talent meet and feel at home. Where young people from four to 24 can explore their skills and be inspired. It’s also an inspiring space for meetings and conferences too.

Our task: to combine the four divisions (Theatre, Meetings & Events, Young and Studio) into one brand identity. One identity that appeals to all these very diverse target audiences.

Client Meervaart, Amsterdam

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity

Brand Strategy

What is the Meervaart about? Who are its employees? Its guests? What’s the relationship with the community? We needed to answer these questions before doing any designing.

We used workshops and creative discussions to find out what the people involved in the Meervaart had to say. Everyone agreed: it was an essential part of the community. Guiding writers and performers, with the emphasis on ground-breaking and new.

Our solution was turning the spotlight on each division, while creating an identity that is both coherent and playful.

Brand Identity

The four divisions were united by one clear brand: Meervaart. Each division had its own name but shared brand assets. By rearranging the colour schemes and other assets within the style, each division is able to differentiate itself. Appealing to their particular target audience.