KETEL 1, founded in 1691, is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the Netherlands. Their premium class jenever is known the world over and brewed to this day in kettle number one, in Schiedam (just outside of Rotterdam).

To strengthen their position as one of the top jenever brands and introduce it to new audiences, KETEL 1 turned to Das Buro for some serious strategy. Cheers guys!

Client Nolet Distillery

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy

Introducing jenever to a new audience in a very crowded market is not an easy task. Research shows a huge gap between the current customer and the target audience. Jenever is simply not a drink many younger people even consider.

We had to rethink the positioning of the brand KETEL 1 as opposed to the drink (KETEL 1 Jenever). At the same time, the current audience of pure jenever drinkers should still feel connected to the brand. To bridge the gap, while connecting the audiences and the brand to its roots, we developed the ‘1 for all’ strategy.

Brand Identity

To build a stronger mental availability, we focused on creating a set of distinctive assets to grow brand recognition. The 1, a clear reference to the distillery kettle 1, is the main focus for the ‘1 for all’ campaign. The 1 connects the various campaigns and messages to the KETEL 1 brand.

Brand Activation

We chose to introduce the KETEL 1 brand to our new target audience through a vibrant mix of “Pinkyrose” lemon syrup and sparkling water, called hard lemonade. Strongly focusing on availability in clubs and bars, backed by long and short-term local and national advertising, PR and spontaneous activations at outdoor bars.

During the COVID-19 summer of 2020 it was difficult to meet your friends or family for a drink. So, during our outdoor activations at clubs and bars, our team encouraged people to write a postcard to friends or family they missed. We took their picture and made sure the postcard reached its destination.