We build brands

We’re a creative strategic design-driven branding agency. Please feel free to read that again. Perhaps you’re confused? Allow us to explain...
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    With a solid foundation.

    Strong brands are built on a solid foundation. A vision that inspires, a mission that ignites an inner flame and values that will anchor your brand in the minds of your audience. We call this: Brand DNA. When paired with distinctive brand assets (a combination of your visual- verbal-, and/or auditive identities) this will create a unique positioning of your brand. We can help you build a Brand Foundation from scratch or refine the one you already have.
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    A clear brand plan.

    Never build a brand without a plan. We like 2-speed brand plans that combine short term (12 months), sales driven, product oriented campaigns with long term brand campaigns aimed at increasing brand equity over the course of 3-5 years. All based on a distinctive brand and product positioning and tracked through surveys and sales funnel data. But hey, that's just us. We can create a fresh Brand Plan for you or assist in tweaking or building on your existing brand or marketingplans.
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    Consistent execution.

    Ideas are worth nothing without execution. We suggest you start within your organization. Align everyone. Build your brand from there. Then create memorable brand experiences and execute the brand- and product campaigns with clear communication using Distinctive Brand Assets and tactics based on the masterplan. We're here to help you draw, write, film, photograph, program, develop, sketch out, plan, design, or build all or some of the many touch points.

This is how

Although every project is unique, we do have some guidelines in our branding approach. We like working with a visual roadmap to keep everyone on track. Here's a rough outline of how we roll.
  • Diagnosis

    Every project starts with a decent diagnosis. It's where we scout the terrain and outline our playing field. We learn about the organization, its founders and study the heritage. We meet the people that work there and we get a feel for the culture. And we check out the competition and talk to the audience. The fans, the haters, and the potentials. What do they like and dislike about your brand? A little survey goes a long way, and this info is crucial input for developing a winning strategy. We use diagnosis to come up with a list of brand associations (positive and negative) and we start changing them for the better!
  • Strategy

    With the gathered input we construct a winning plan. We write a clear vision and mission to articulate your dreams and intentions clearly. Then we determine the three or four most important associations you want your target segments to have when they hear your name. We create/design the distinctive brand assets to help people recognize your brand. Finally we write down clear, measurable objectives. Strategy is the battle plan we construct before going into tactics.
  • Tactics

    This is it. The trenches of brand building. In the final fase we execute our well prepared strategy. With long term brand building campaigns, short term product campaigns and a few cases of creativity. Socials, videos, events. Outdoor and indoor. Online and offline. External and internal. We aim and fire to hopefully complete our objectives or at least learn from our approach. And then, after tracking our progress and measuring the results of our efforts... we do it all over again.
Mark Ritson
‘I train a lot of very good brandmanagers to be even better. But I have to say that the Das Buro team is among the smartest and most able branding teams I have worked with in a very long time’
Prof Mark Ritson