Zsilt designs and develops beach products made out of recycled and bio-based materials. The designs are gorgeous thanks to Rinke, the designer behind Dopper (those plastic water bottles all the cool kids have).

Das Buro is co-owner and responsible for almost everything connected with this amazing brand.

Client Zsilt

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy

Zsilt believes in a world where all products are made out of circular materials. Where people think about what they buy and what they throw away. Where children and adults are challenged creatively. That’s why the products are Earth-friendly, long-lasting, multifunctional and fun.
Zsilt is the brand for people who believe the world is full of wonders and want to keep it that way.

Brand Identity

The Zsilt logo is based on the basalt stones, used to build the Dutch dykes. The playful surreal illustrations emphasize imagination. Building on the stories children and their parents play out on the beach. The white packaging makes the product stand out, reinforcing a modern and fresh look. The bright pink in the logo is a signal colour, to attract attention to the brand name. The sea green is a reference to… yes, you guessed it, the sea.

Brand Activation

For Zsilt we developed a marketing strategy that focusses on retail- and consumer markets. We developed online saleschanels for B2B and B2C, designed packaging, product photography, in store communication, online content en control SEA, SEO, online and PR campagnes. All from the heart of the brand.