Rebranding of a Opera festival, that has little and everything to do with Opera. The old name 'Operadagen' sounded somewhat old-fashioned. And it had nothing to do with the divers and inclusive nature of the festival. So we came up with a different name (O.) and new brandpositioning (Hear something you've never seen). O. is open and isn't yet divined. O. is open to interpretations and explorations. That's why the visual identity is simple and bold at it's core. And takes on meaning when people interact with it.

Client O.

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy

Redefining Opera. That's what Operadagen has been doing for 15 years. Where both established and new musicians and makers are challenged to reinvent the genre. These explorations didn't fit well within the character of the old brand. It was a bit outdated and didn't have the feel of the new and energetic acts Operadagen was programming. Together with Operadagen we defined the brand positioning of the festival. We came up with the new name; O. We laid out a firm visual identity with room for growth. Where people can interact with and build upon.

Brand Identity

O is flexible. Takes on meaning when you interact with it. The visual identity is simple and recognizable. It leaves room for further explorations and changes per year. In color, in animation, in sound and content. Without losing it's clarity. Within the visual style we designed a system for online content. A website that focusses on ticket sales, festival atmosphere and is equipped with landing pages which target specific audiences.