Enterprise Rent-a-car

Enterprise is global market leader in car sharing and rental. It has over two million cars in over 90 countries. This giant is going to places. One thing: a small problem in a small country. In the Netherlands they’re practically anonymous. That’s all about to change.

Client EnterPrise rent-a-car

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy

In close collaboration with the client, we positioned the brand to fit Dutch culture, while respecting the founding fathers of our big American brother. A fresh take on car usage and ownership. A brand that’s curious, honest, fun and familiar. Enterprise Netherlands is making friends fast. it’s now the fastest growing franchise in Europe.

Brand Identity

Enterprise already had a strong US identity. We modified and adjusted this to appeal to a Dutch (and European) audience. Minor changes to the corporate style, a fresh look at the marketing and the creation of new marketing material: including animations, photography and the online presence. Even the interior design of its offices. We’ve given this new kid on the block a look and feel like no other company in the car rental and sharing branch.

Brand Activation

The activation started with the internal culture and their onboarding process. It all begins with improving the customer experience. After also taking care of the in-car, instore and corporate communication, we moved on to the customer-facing online and offline campaigns.