Unitron, creating medical devices

Unitron designs and builds medical equipment for clients worldwide. From research and development to certification. From design transfer to production and service. They make sure every medical device they produce is checked, certified and assembled with the utmost security and care.

Client Unitron, Creating medical devices

Services Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy

We’re helping Unitron build its reputation. Working closely with the management team and employees to produce a comprehensive and to-the-point brand story.

Visual & verbal identity

Every single electronic and mechanical element of a device is checked, certified and assembled with the highest precision. Components, printed electronics, mechanical elements are symbolized by isotope shaped patterns, gradients and curves.


Employees are the single most important brand ambassadors. Who better to assist in the rebranding process? We asked for quotes for their shirts and got insights into the most important brand touchpoints. These insights helped us create marketing material, corporate identity items, brochures and design the online presence.