EDELWISE Experimental Friday

EdelWise is a monthly experimental party focusing on three different aspects: food, drinks and “something to talk about”. Each of these elements change every month, making EdelWise different and surprising every time. This month you could be eating Chinese snacks, drinking a new Bacardi mix and enjoying a breakdancing performance. While next month it could be opera, French fries and milkshakes. EdelWise has quickly become the biggest surprise in Amsterdam.

Client EdelWise

Services Concept, Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand Activation

Brand Strategy / Concept

We involved the neighbours in the process. Locals were invited as VIPs and asked to bring friends. Companies were challenged to come up with creative content. Every month we shape EdelWise into something totally different. Working with local photographers, advertising agencies, singers, bands, dancers, cocktail shakers, theatre schools and catering services. Anyone who can make EdelWise unique. Buy a ticket, get in and eat, drink and experience something new.

Brand Identity

The identity is based on the same concept as the event. Using the same ingredients differently each time, to create a unique result. Building blocks that can be endlessly arranged and rearranged to form different visuals. The separate blocks are used to create posters, banners, headers, websites, cocktail cards, merchandise, signage and décor pieces. Most EdelWise visitors just use them to create funny faces :)

Brand Activation

At EdelWise, you just never know what will happen. “You had to be there.” And people really, really don’t want to miss out. So much so, there’s a line around the block for every edition, for the last eight years. Every month there is a teaser campaign for the monthly “mystery”. Nothing is given away in advance. First rule of EdelWise: it’s a secret. Second rule of EdelWise: it’s a secret.

The EdelWise concept is a collaboration of Big Creative, Fjuze and Das Buro.